Need to reschedule? As long as a scheduled class is empty, the date and time are able to be edited. 

  • First, select the class on the calendar you'd like to change the date/time for.

  • Then, choose the 'date/time' section at the top of the Session Profile. Clicking on either the date or the time will pop up a window allowing you to change it. The system will automatically extend the end time based on how long the class is scheduled for.

  • Use the up or down arrows to change the date and/or time to set the new date or time.

  • Click 'Save' at the bottom. The system will then display the updates on the calendar page as shown below.         (Note: Changes to the date or time can only be applied to an individual class. Selecting 'Update all future instances of this recurring session' when making changes to the date and/or time will not apply the changes to the future recurring sessions.) 

That's it, very straightforward and simple to reschedule classes!  The instructor of the class will also get an email notifying them of the new date/time.