It's here!  You can now edit/change class dates and times without having to cancel and reschedule the class!!  The only caveat is the class CANNOT have anyone booked into it, the class must be empty.

Let's look at how to reschedule a class.  First, click on the empty class on the calendar you'd like to change the date/time for.

Then, choose the 'date/time' section at the top of the Session Profile.  Clicking on either the date or the time will pop up a window allowing you to choose a new date or time.  The system will automatically extend the end time based on how long the class is scheduled for.

Here's when you click on the time selector, use the up or down arrows to change the date and/or time to set the new date or time.

Click 'Save' at the bottom (you can also choose the option to apply the changes to either a single class or all classes in the future in the same sequence.  The system will then display the updates on the calendar page as shown below.

That's it, very straightforward and simple to reschedule classes!  Your trainers who are booked as the professional will also get an email notifying them of the new date/time.

Thanks and we hope you love the new feature!

-Team Fitli