We've added several new features for February 2020!  We've included a short feature summary below, click on each section to read more details.

Enhanced Booking/Cancellation Policies:

Now you can set up booking/cancellation policies for classes and appointments to include a FROM and TO, you can set very specific rules for when clients can book and/or cancel.  This way, you could limit how far into the future clients could book and when they can cancel!

Ability Edit Class/Session Dates and Times:

Many of you have asked for the ability to edit/change class dates and/or times without having to cancel or remove class and add it back.  Now, if the class is empty, you can!  Just use the new date/time option on each session profile to switch up a class and you're done!  

Payroll Reporting / Service Revenue Summary:

We've updated the Payroll reporting with the ability to see revenue by a SPECIFIC SESSION, so you can now track revenue by specific service types.  Let's say you wanted to see how a specific type of class or appointment was doing in terms of revenue.  Check your Payroll report and filter by Service Type/name - now you can see your revenue!

We've also made many additional improvements, bug fixes, UI and mobile enhancements and backend tweaks to help Fitli run smoother and be more functional for your business needs!  More to come!

-Team Fitli