As a business, there are times you want to add sessions to your customer's account without charging them. Doing this is easy. Here's how.

If you already have a package set up, you just need to create a free or a 100% discount promo code. Otherwise, you can create a new one and add the services you want to associate with the package. You can check this guide.

Add a free or a 100% discount promotion that you can use to purchase the package for free. Make sure that the 'Display Promotion' slider is turned off and it has a unique name. Screenshot below:

When done, head over to your Customer's list, search for your client, and hit the 'Purchase' button.

Select the package you want to purchase for your client.

Enter the promo code and hit 'Apply'. Very Important!

Hit confirm to complete the purchase.

When done, deactivate the promotion you created after use. Click 'yes' under the 'Active' column or open your promotion, turn ON the active slider then hit save. Very Important!

That's about it! If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, please contact us at!