Connect Fitli + Zoom to automatically add video conferencing details to your classes, appointments, and events.

  • Eliminate the need to manually send conference details out to your clients with automated booking confirmations and email or text message reminders.
  • Secure your sessions. Generate unique Zoom conference details for every meeting you schedule.
  • Rescheduling or canceling will automatically generate notifications to your clients
  • Allow clients to request the zoom details on an ad-hoc basis from their booked sessions.


In order to use the Fitli + Zoom integration, you will need a couple of very important things:

  • You need a Fitli Business account.  If you don't have a Fitli Business account, you can visit the Fitli Website to create an account.
  • You need a Zoom account.  If you don't have a Zoom account, you can visit the Zoom Website to create an account.


Assuming you have the minimum requirements mentioned above, you can start the Zoom integration directly from within your Fitli Business account by completing the following steps:

  1. Log into your Fitli account and ensure you are within the Business section, then navigate to the Admin section. Underneath Business Setup & Customization, select 'Integrations'.
  2. Clck on the Zoom badge which will take you to the Zoom Setup page. If your administrator has already pre-approved the Fitli for Zoom app, you can select 'CONNECT ZOOM'.
  3. If your administrator has not pre-approved the Fitli for Zoom app yet, you will need that to be completed.  There will be a link to the Zoom App Marketplace to complete that step. Once you are on the Zoom App Marketplace page for 'Fitli for Zoom', sign in as the admin user of the zoom account you will be using, then activate the Pre-approve switch. Then return to the Integrations section (above) in the Fitli application and select 'CONNECT ZOOM'.
  4. If you are NOT already logged into your Zoom account, you will be asked to Sign In.  Do so.  If you are already logged in, you will go automatically to the next step.
  5. After you Sign In, you will be shown what authorization the Fitli application is requesting of your Zoom account.  If, after reviewing, you agree, then please select the 'Authorize' button.
  6. You Fitli Business account and Zoom account should now be integrated and you will see this confirmation page.


Once you have successfully completed the integration between your Fitli Business account and Zoom, you are ready to start scheduling online classes.  The Fitli + Zoom integration links your Zoom account with a Fitli Location.  

  1. Visit Facilities to view your Zoom Location within Fitli. This location will be automatically added to your facility list.  Unfortunately, at this time, you can only integrate one zoom account with your Fitli Business account. If you will primarily be scheduling Zoom classes, you can set the Zoom facility as default.
  2. To schedule a Zoom session, follow the normal procedures to create a class or appointment and be sure to select the Zoom facility. Everything else is the same. You can create a single event or a recurring event. You can book a class or an appointment.
  3. Once you have booked a session with a Zoom facility, you can visit the session as normal.  If you created a class, it will be empty and you will see the Zoom facility has been selected, but the zoom information has not been created yet. We only call Zoom and create the zoom meeting information once 1) a client has been booked into the session or 2) you manually generate the zoom link.
  4. If you book an appointment, that will always have a client, so the zoom information will be generated immediately upon booking. Notice that the "Generate Zoom Link" is replaced by a "Copy Zoom Info" link. Selecting that link will copy all the zoom info to your clipboard so you can paste it elsewhere such as an email.
  5. When a client is booked into a class or the zoom link is generated manually, it will look just like the appointment screen above except that it will be for a class.
  6. As usual, you may change alter the session by changing some of the details, canceling, or removing.  If you either change the facility to a non-zoom facility (must hit save), cancel the session, or remove the session, the Zoom meeting will be canceled both on Fitli and Zoom. The zoom details will no longer be valid.
  7. In Fitli, once a session has a client booked, the date and/or time cannot be changed. However, if there is no client, a class date and/or time can be changed. If zoom details exist because the business has manually requested them and the class date and/or time is changed, the zoom event date and/or time details will be automatically updated as well.
  8. As always, clients will be able to view any of their booked sessions when logged into the Fitli application. Now they will also be able to view and request the zoom information be resent to them from that view.


If you wish to uninstall the Fitli + Zoom integration, the best way to do that will be on the Fitli application.

  1. Log into your Fitli account. Make sure you are in the business section. Navigate to Admin, then down to Integrations (under Business Setup & Customization). Then select the Zoom badge to get to the Zoom Setup page.
  2. Click on DISCONNECT.  There are a few safeguards in place in this process.
    1. If you try to disconnect, but Zoom is the default facility, you will be required to select a new default facility.  Any existing session with a Zoom facility will be changed to the default. if you don't want that to happen, you will need to change each session in advance to the desired facility.
    2. Once you have changed the default facility, come back and try again.  You will see a pop up warning message explaining exactly what will happen if you disconnect from Zoom. If you are ok with all that, select the checkmark, then click on CONFIRM.
    3. When you select CONFIRM, the de-integration process will start and you will see a temporary page while all of your sessions are being updated.  It is OK to leave the page while this is working. It will complete on it's own.
    4. When it's done, you will be no longer be integrated with Zoom. All of the zoom events should be removed as well. You may also disconnect the integration from the Zoom side by navigating to the 'Installed Apps' section and selecting 'Uninstall' for the Fitli for Zoom application.  We recommend uninstalling from the Fitli Application as this method will not take the user through the safeguard steps that happen when done on the Fitli side leaving some follow-up steps to be completed on Fitli.


When the zoom integration fails, a message will pop up on the screen letting you know that the integration is severed and that you need to refresh it.


Fitli Support is available to help via Chat (on the website), Email (support@fitli.com), and phone (+1-888-777-0938). You may also file a ticket on Fitli's support site here:  https://support.fitli.com/support/tickets/new

Support Hours are subject to change, but are normally Monday - Friday from 9AM - 5PM Central Time.