Welcome to our newest feature! Before, only the business you've signed up for can add Relationships to your account. Now you can do this in just a few clicks!

To add Relationships to your account, click Account at the top menu, click Relationships on the left then click +Add Relationship.

Fill the +Add Relationship form and hit save. Note that the Mobile Phone and Email fields are pre populated. Since you're the parent account, you'll be sharing your balances with your relationships. Hence, all correspondence will be sent to you.

When done you'll see your added Relationship/s on the Relationships section. If you need to edit some details, click your Relationship's name or the view button to open the form, update and hit save.

Now you're done adding your Relationship/s. You can now book them into a class or appointment.

That's about it! Any questions? Chat with us or send us an email to support@fitli.com