For business purposes, you need or would like to require certain information from your clients prior to signing up. Well, you can do this with just a few clicks! You can add and set custom fields for your clients. These fields will appear during the signup process. Here's how...

Head over to the 'Admin' section of your account. Click 'Business Setup & Customization' at the left.

Click 'Customer Onboarding'.

Under 'Customer Onboarding', you'll see 'Waiver' and 'Signup'. Click 'Signup' to set and/or add custom fields.

On the 'Signup' page, you'll see all the customer contact information fields found on your customers' profiles. Each one has a yes/no switch for whether you want the field to be required or not. Everything is defaulted to NO. If you switch any of it to yes and hit save, then the field/s would show up on the Business Specific Signup Information page as required. Meaning, your clients would need to fill up the required fields you set up in order to complete their registration. The required fields will also show up on your old clients' contact info page which I will discuss later.

In this example, I turned on the required slider for Birth Date and hit SAVE.

Click +Add Custom Field to add a new custom field.

The Add Custom Field modal will pop up. In this example, I'll add a custom field for Fitness Goal.

Enter the field name, a brief decription, select short answer or paragraph from the pull down, turn on (YES) the required slider or leave it off (NO) and click ADD. In case, you've changed your mind and don't want to add a custom field, click CLOSE. The added field will then show up on the Signup page. Click SAVE. (Very Important!) When done, a confirmation message at the top will appear confirming that changes have been saved.

Note: All information you enter on the description box will be seen by your new clients during the sign up process. Your old clients will also see this on the 'Contact Info' section of their accounts. They will be prompted to fill out the required fields if they access the 'Contact Info' section and hit SAVE. 


To edit or remove a custom field, click the field on the Signup page.

Update the details on the Edit Custom Field modal then click EDIT. Otherwise, click REMOVE to delete the custom field.

Make sure to hit SAVE on the sign up section. A confirmation message will pop up at the top confirming that your changes have been saved. Otherwise, leaving the Signup section without saving, a pop up message will appear prompting you that your changes have not been saved. Click 'Leave' to not save your changes or click 'Cancel' to stay on the page then save your changes. 


Your added custom field/s will appear on your clients' profiles on your customers list. It will be at the bottom of the contact information fields, above the waiver sliders and notes. The contact information field/s you set to required will still be on the same place. 



Your custom fields will appear after the Create Basic Login Information page during your client's registration.

If your client clicks CONTINUE on the Business Specific Sign Up Information page without entering his details on the custom fields, he'll be prompted to do so. A message will appear at the top and the required fields will be highlighted in red.

Once he completes the required information, he'll be prompted to accept the waiver on the next page (if you have waiver configured). Then, he'll be automatically logged in.

Your custom fields will also appear on your old clients' 'Contact Info' section. 

If they access this page and hit save, they'll be prompted to update their details as seen below. A message will appear at the top and the required fields will be highlighted in red.

Commonly Asked Questions: 

Q: I have a new customer who just signed up. I set up a custom field but he's able to sign up without completing the required information. Why is this possible?

A: Make sure to turn on (YES) the required slider on the custom field modal, click EDIT and hit SAVE.

Q: How will I have my old clients update their details for the required information I need for my business?

A: Advise them to go to the 'Contact Info' section of their accounts and enter the required details for the fields with asterisks and hit SAVE.

Q: I tried adding a custom field but the site won't let me. Why is this happening?

A: The site won't allow you to add custom fields with similar field names and invalid field names (Non-alphanumeric characters).


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