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Adding/Updating Emergency Contact Information

There are now TWO ways you can add emergency contact to your profile as a Client, and ONE way as a business.

Customers - Client Adding Emergency Contact

If you're a client or customer, you can add an emergency contact during both the account creation process, or from inside your Personal profile.

Option 1: New Clients - Account Creation Process If you're a new customer, when creating your account, part of the signup process is to enter some personal information so your business can get to know you better and we can provide a better tailored service. If you'd like to enter an emergency contact, emergency contact phone number and relationship during this time, you can! See the screenshot below for where the new fields appear.


Option 2: Existing Clients - Personal Account If you're already a client/customer of a business and would like to add or edit your existing emergency contact information, just log in to your Fitli account. Then, visit your 'Account' section via the top navigation, then the 'Contact' information link on the left side. The following screen will have an area at the bottom to add/edit your Emergency Contact name, phone number and relationship.


Businesses - Add/Edit Customer Emergency Contact Information

If you're a current Fitli business, and want to add or edit your client's contact information, you can - up until the point the client activates or creates their own personal account. At that time, the customer is responsible for privacy and security reasons to update their personal information. But you can always use the 'Notes' field to add any relevant information you need.

To edit a client/customer's Emergency Contact information, head to your 'Customers' section, search and then click your client's name or the 'View' link to view a client's account.  Then, as shown in the screenshot below, if the fields are editable, you can add or change their emergency contact information.  If the fields are NOT editable, see the reason above.


 Then, click 'Save' and you're done! Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions, reach out via chat or email to support@fitli.com