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Current Time Indicator"Deep Links" to the Package and Membership Purchase Process"Select-All" user interface!Ability to edit and change Packages or Memberships until first purchaseAccount Balance ReportingAdd Limits to Packages & MembershipsAdding/Updating Emergency Contact InformationAppointment Booking: Default ProfessionalBooking Multiple Clients in a ClassBooking or Reserve a Spot for Free - Pay LaterBookings Report!Business 'Leads' for New Client AccountsBusiness Guide: Waitlist for RelationshipsCalendar/Schedule List ViewCan customers see who, or how many clients are booked in a class?Can I add or charge Sales Tax on Services, Retail or Packages/Memberships?Can I customize the notifications to my customers for booking or scheduling classes?Can I edit my client's personal profile information (email address?)Can I have a customer without an email address?Can I have multiple businesses and calendars under one account?Can I integrate, embed or add my Fitli calendar to my business website?Can I provide a statement, invoice or document for payment or reimbursement purposes?Can I remove or hide customers from my Customer List?Can I resend an invitation to a customer?Can I schedule or book on my phone? How about integrating with my calendar?Can I search my Sales Report, or sort the data in any way?Can I sell retail products with Fitli? How do I set that up?Can I send emails or messages to my clients and customers?Can I send emails to all of my customers or my entire client base?Can I set customers to be inactive or remove them from my list?Check-In and Your Attendance ReportClass Calendar can "start" at your Business HoursClient Notifications - Quick View and UpdatingClient Photos (for Businesses)Create a Banner Message for your ClientsCreate a Banner Message with a link for your Clients to Purchase or BookCreate Custom Fields and Set Required Fields For Your CustomersCustomer ListCustomers have booked/purchased products through fitli, how long until I see the money in my bank account?Direct Appointment Booking LinkDo you require the CVV field for credit card processing?Does fitli have the credit card numbers for our customers in your system?Edit or change Purchase Notes on the Sales ReportEditing Dates/Times for Sessions (Classes)Electronic WaiversEmbedded Calendar Enhanced Security OptionsExporting your Sales, Booking or Account Balances report and seeing weird characters?For Businesses: How to contact Fitli SupportGenerate Payment RequestsGetting Started with AppointmentsGift Certificates? No problem! Here's an easier way to do it!Handling Failing Client Auto-Renewing Memberships (Business Guide)Help FeaturesHow can a client donate or pay a miscellaneous amount to my business?How can I adjust my appointment availability?How can I cancel an auto-renewing membership?How can I charge a miscellaneous fee or amount to my client?How can I charge a tip for a client's visit?How can I edit or change a service once I've created it?How can I see my new clients or customers who've signed up?How do I add Customers to my Business?How do I add employees/users and set or upgrade their 'access level'?How do I change the colors for my services?How do I change the date or time of a session?How do I create a 'blocked time' event on my calendar? I want to be unavailable for a certain periodHow do I update my business credit card on file with Fitli?How do I update my business logo?How do I update my Tax ID number?How do I view my instructors' reviews on Fitli?How do I view my professional or business reviews on Fitli?How to 'hide' a session or class on your Business CalendarHow to add 'Schedule Now' buttons linking to your Classes and Appointments?How to add a 'Book Now' button to your Facebook page?How to add Classes, Appointments or Blocked Time to your Business Calendar?How to add existing customers to your Fitli Customer List?How to add sessions to a customer's account without charging themHow to Add, Customize, Remove and Default Facilities!How to adjust a customer's 'Billing Date'?How to book a session / class for your customersHow to Cancel or Remove a class from your Calendar?How to change your business' password within the Fitli siteHow to create a promotion or use promotion codes?How to de-activate / re-activate a serviceHow to Hide Attendance Info for classesHow to integrate Online Classes or Video Conferencing link with Fitli?How to Import data from other services, such as Mindbody, Zen Planner, etc.How to Import Users from Zen Planner?How to merge your customers' profilesHow to provide a customer with a complimentary Service or Package?How to set up booking and cancellation policies for your business?How to Setup a Workshop for Your Business?How to upgrade your Personal account to a Professional or Business account?How to view a client's remaining sessions?How to view client history?How to view your public class schedule as a client?I can't find my business, how do I make it viewable in searches?Importing, exporting and Customer List Questions?Interested in hibernating (temporarily suspending) your Fitli business account?Is Fitli HIPPA or HITRUST compliant?Is it possible to turn off email notifications for customers who are imported into the platform?Is there a way to print my Business' schedule?Linking directly to a Class or AppointmentsNotifications to Clients: Ability to Control Notifications RemindersNotifications: What your clients receive and whenPayment TypesPayroll Reporting - OverviewPayroll - Setup and Pay RatesPayroll - Configuring Trainers/InstructorsPayroll - Package SetupPayroll - Session RevenuePayroll - Reporting and AnalysisPayroll - Attendee Sliding Scale Pay RatePromo CodePromotions - Include or Exclude ClientsQuick Booking for Appointments or How to Book AppointmentsQuick Booking for ClassesRelationships - Overview and FAQRelationships - Getting Started Guide (Step 1 - How does it Work?)Relationships - Getting Started Guide (Step 2 - Package Sharing)Relationships - Getting Started Guide (Step 3 - Creating Relationships)Relationships - Getting Started Guide (Step 4 - Purchase Shared Packages for Clients and their Relationships)Relationships - Getting Started Guide (Step 5 - Book your Client or their Relationships)Relationships - Appointment Bookings!Request Business ReviewsReset All WaiversReviews Option - Don't ask Again!Seeing a message, "The provided email address is already associated with an account"? Here's why!Kiosk Check-In and Booking: Business GuideService Description and Service NotesSession Adjustments and Expiration DatesSession Expiration MessagesSession, Class or Appointment Profile: Things to knowSet a fixed Expiration Date for your client's package/sessionsSet Client Renewal or Charge DateSetting up Appointments for Your BusinessSigning up for a Fitli Business AccountUpdating Client Balances with Specific ServicesWaitlist for ClassesWaiver ConfigurationWhat are services, and how do I create them?What is a package and how to create one?How to Check Processing Fees?Why am I being asked to update some of my business information? What's this about a new payment processor?Why are you asking for my credit card when you have a Free 30-Day Trial Membership?Why can't I book a specific time slot for a client's appointment with a trainer?Why can't I book into a class, or why can't my clients book?Why is my facility showing thrice on the notifications sent?Will I be receiving a 1099-K from Fitli for my business?Withdraw From All OptionI operate an online-only business. Do I still need to enter or display my location? Exporting Customer Visit HistoryCustomer CountHow to Clone Packages?Display or Hide your Professionals' ProfilesWhat happens if I try to purchase a duplicate auto-renewing membership for my customer?View Bookings Report for a Single SessionSend Your Customers a Fitli Sign Up LinkReduce the Capacity of the Class Below its Current Number of ParticipantsAllow Instant Re-charge After Payment Method Update Due to Failed TransactionPayment ProcessingHow to Activate Payment ProcessingCustomer Payment History ReportIt’s finally happening — Enrollment is beginning for Payments 2.0Understanding the Different Usio Enrollment StatusAllow your Clients to Cancel their Auto-Renewing Package/MembershipPOS Terminal ActivationACH Payments Activation - Accept Bank Payments Business Guide: Primary and Backup Payment MethodsUnderstanding your Disbursement ReportUSIO: Client Refunds and VoidsUsio: Disbursements and Processing FeesUsio Descriptors: Identifying Funds in your Bank Account How to Process a Terminal Transaction?How to Process an ACH Transaction?Connecting with a Customer as a Professional if They Already Have a Client Account