Notifications to Clients: Ability to Control Notifications Reminders

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Your clients will receive an email reminder regarding an upcoming session 24 hours before it starts. This email notification will include your business' name and logo, the name of the session, the date, time and where will it be held.


You can control your clients' notifications reminders with just a few clicks. You'll see 2 sections under Notifications: "Notifications to Business" and "Notifications to Clients".


The "Notifications to Business" section is where you can control what business notifications you want and not want to receive from Fitli. Note that there are some settings that can't be changed which are very important for your business. These are notifications regarding your business account status, profile and purchases from your customers.


The "Notifications to Clients" page has two sections. The top part is where you can control how many times and when your clients will receive the reminder email before the session starts. Below it is where you can add a post-session message for your clients. Click HERE for a detailed guide.


 1 - 24 Hours before the session starts: This is on by default. You can de-select this, but at least ONE reminder notification time must be selected.

2 - 1 Hour before the session starts: This will resend the reminder notification 60 minutes before the session starts.

3 - This field requires a number between 1 and 99.

4 - This dropdown includes days, hours and minutes.

5 - Changes must be saved. Onced saved, a confirmation message will appear at the top.

*Selecting everything will send the same notification reminder thrice.

Note that if you or your clients turned off notifications, no reminder email will be received. If we got a spam complaint from your clients, we'll turn off their notifications and inform them via email. Thus, no reminder email will be received. 

That's about it! Any questions? Chat with us or send us an email to

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