How to Add, Customize, Remove and Default Facilities!

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Are you a small studio with only one main room, or a large studio with multiple rooms or appointment areas? Or, perhaps you hold most of your classes outside, or at the beach? Well, Fitli can help you and your clients figure out where to go and how to get there!

To add/customize facilities for your business:

Step 1: Log in to your Fitli business account.

Step 2: Click on the "Admin" link at the top.

Step 3: Click "Business Setup & Customization" then "Facilities" on the left side. Click the "+Add Facility" button on the right. 

Step 4: Add your first Facility. In this popup window (shown below), you'll have the option to enter some information about the facility, or room/location.


Facility Name: This is the generic name of the location, or room, inside your studio. A good name might be "Main Studio", or "Main Gym".

Facility Code: This is for us here at Fitli, don't change it.

Facility Location: Enter the street location or address of where the classes are being held. This can be the same as your studio, or it can be the address for a park, beach, whatever!

Capacity: The general capacity of how many clients can be here at once. It's not enforced anywhere, just a general note.

Description: A good name would be how clients know the location, such as, "Beachfront Park", or, "2nd Floor Studio", or something "descriptive".

Step 5: Click SAVE when you're happy with how your first facility looks. You can add up to 98 additional facilities! Now, when you add a class/appointment to the calendar, you will choose from a pulldown menu where the class/appointment is held.

NOTE: It's important you complete all the fields for each facility - as each piece of information is used in the booking notification emails and SMS messages we send to your clients! If it's not filled out, they might not know where to go.


Booking Notifications:

Now you're probably wondering, once you've got your facility added and setup, how do your clients know where to go? Well, we've got that covered. When you or your client books into a class or appointment, they'll receive a custom notification to their email, SMS or both, with information about the class, date/time and where it's held.

The booking email/SMS message looks something like this:

"Hot Yoga with Fitli Yoga, on 5/1/2017, at 5:00PM has been booked. The class will be held at Yoga Studio 1, which is located at 555 First St, Dallas, TX. Hot Yoga Studio. See you there!

Here's a breakdown of how the email takes the information you entered in the facility screen:

"Class Name" with "Business Name" on "Date/Time" has been booked. The class will be held at FACILITY NAME, which is located at FACILITY LOCATION. FACILITY DESCRIPTION. See you there!

Location Tips with Google Maps:

Do you want to provide custom directions via Google Maps to your booking notifications? You can do that! Head to Google Maps, then find the location of where your class is being held. Click the "Share" button, then check the box for Shortened URL (see screenshot below). Copy that short URL, then paste it into the FACILITY LOCATION in your facility. Now, when your clients get a booking notification, they'll have a clickable link directly in to Google Maps. No more getting lost!

Your FACILITY LOCATION field would end up looking something like this:

555 First St, Dallas, TX -



Removing Facilities:

To remove a facility/location, just make sure that you don't have any classes or appointments scheduled at the location you'd like to remove. That means reassigning any current or prior classes to another location.

Then, click the "Edit" link beside the facility and then the "Remove" button to remove the location/facility you don't want to use any longer. It will be removed!





Default Facility:

When you create a second (or more) facilities/locations where your classes or appointments happen, you can set the default location. This means when you add a new class or appointment to the schedule, that is the default location that comes up where the event happens. You can still always change the location during the creation process.

Also, when clients now choose to book an appointment online, the default location will be specified as where the appointment occurs. 


Note, if you try to remove an unused facility, the system will prompt you to remove any associated classes or appointments first. You can't remove a facility when something was booked there.


To remove an unused facility, just reassign the prior/upcoming classes or appointments to a new or existing location, then remove the facility you no longer want.

For Zoom integration, if you try to disconnect, but Zoom is the default facility, you will be required to select a new default facility. Any existing session with a Zoom facility will be changed to the default. If you don't want that to happen, you will need to change each session in advance to the desired facility before disconnecting Zoom. For a more comprehensive guide, click HERE.

That's about it! Any questions? Chat with us or send us an email to

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