How to add existing customers to your Fitli Customer List?

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Occasionally, you will run across a new client or customer who signed up for a Fitli account WITHOUT using a referring link, signing up from your schedule/calendar or from an email invitation. This means the client will have a Fitli account, but may NOT be connected to your business and won't show up in your customer list. Here's how to solve this - and get them connected to you!

Step 1: Need some Information

In order to connect a client and ensure they are a legitimate user of your business, you need to know their FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, and EMAIL ADDRESS. Their email address should be 39 characters or less. These information are very specific, you'll need their information exactly as they've entered it!

Why do we do this? For security and privacy purposes - if we didn't require this, a potential bad apple could add customers who aren't theirs into their customer list.

Step 2: Add Customer

Head to the 'Customers' section of your Fitli Business account, and click 'Add Customer'.


You'll be taken to the familiar 'Add Customer' screen, where you'll need to enter the client's FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, and EMAIL ADDRESS. The email address should be 39 characters or less. 


Click 'Save', and if the information entered is correct, you'll be taken to your Customers list and the new client will automatically appear, sorted with a match on their new account - you're good to go!

Seeing an Error?

If you're seeing an error message like any of the following:


"Last Name or First Name is Required" - You forgot to enter the client's first or last name when trying to add them in. The name is specific, so if they used "Joe" and you're entering "Joseph", it won't match.


"The provided email address is already associated with an account" - The client ALREADY has an existing Fitli account, and you're trying to create a new one for them, leading to this error message. Instead, use Steps 1-2 above to add them to your Customer List instead!

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