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What are services, and how do I create them?

Here at Fitli, we think of services as the "Things you do" - classes, appointments, what kinds of services does your business offer? They can be spin or yoga classes, Pilates or personal training appointments. Services are individual items that you schedule on the calendar.

Steps to create a service:

Step 1 - Log in to your Fitli business account.

Step 2 - Go to 'Admin' on the top menu bar then click 'Products & Services' on the left.


Step 3 - Click on the '+ Add Service' button on the top right hand side.


  • This will open a pop-up form to ask you to fill out all information about this new serviceS

Step 4 - Complete the information on the Add Service form.


Active? - YES for active and available to be scheduled, NO if it's not available.

Name - Name of the service

Category - Choose a category, this is from the list of categories you selected in the Business Setup page.

Drop-in Price - A service can have a 'drop-in price'. This is the price if a customer 'drops in', or purchases a single session of that service. If the customer has a membership, then you use the package price. This is optional.

Refunded Session Expiration  - When a session that was paid for via drop-in is refunded due to cancellation, the default expiration date is 1 year. The business would be able to dictate here it's expiration date.

Duration - How long is the class or appointment?

Service Description - Enter description here, this is what the customer sees.

Service Notes - Business notes only, customers cannot see this.

Sales Tax? - Turn this on to add Sales Tax to your service. For more info, click HERE.

Hide Attendance Stats? - Hide the number of participants who are booked into a class. For more info, click HERE.

Hide From Public? - Hide a session or a class from your business' calendar. For more info, click HERE.

Bookable by Business Only? - If set to yes, then ONLY the business can schedule or book this service

Enable Check-in? - If you enable check-ins for a service, then those classes have a new option on the schedule, check-in! Each class lets you check in a client, identifying if they showed up for that class or not.  Then, in the Attendance report, you can see the number of shows vs. no-shows. For more info, click HERE.

Enable Self Check-In? - We now have a user self check-in option, where users can check themselves in if they're booked for a class. Within 2 hours of the class or appointment, users can visit the Self Check-In URL to check themselves in! For more info, click HERE.

Applicable to: Class (group class) or Appointment (solo, private session)

Color: Now, you can choose the color the class or appointment will appear on the calendar. Use the color picker, or enter your own Hex code! Be colorful!

Step 5 - Click on the 'SAVE' button.

- This new service now will be listed under the list of services on the front page.

And you're done!