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Check-In and Your Attendance Report

So you've got classes and appointments on your schedule/calendar, that's great! But you want to know, "Who's actually showing up?" Well, with the check-in feature, you can check off clients as they show up, and run a report to see how full your classes are! 

Setting up Your Services for Check-In

To start out with check-in, visit the 'Services' section, and click 'Edit' next to any service you'd like to enable check-in's for. At the bottom of the Services screen, click 'Enable Check-Ins'. Turn this slider on to enable check-ins for that class or appointment service.


 Checking-In Your Clients

 After you've turned on check-in for a service, head to the schedule/calendar page, and choose a class already on the calendar. As you click the class, you'll open up the 'Session Profile'.  As long as there are clients booked into the class, you'll see a "Check-In". You can check the box next to individual names, click 'all' to select all, or 'none', to deselect all clients.



 And 'checked-in'...


 Attendance Report

 Now that you've checked in clients, you'll want to know, how many clients are or aren't showing up for classes? Head to 'Reports' and click the 'Attendance Report'. On the right side of each class is now listed a column for 'No Shows'. This is a summary of how many clients for each class or appointment were not checked-in. To view the specific client names, you'll want to refer to your schedule/calendar for the specific class and see which names weren't checked, or, on the left side, the class date and time is clickable to view the Session Profile.


 You can view which specific clients didn't show up, communicate with them by sending them an email and a text within the session profile. To do this, click any class under the 'Session date/time' column and you'll see whose checked-in or not. 


 To send them a message, click 'Send Message' to particular clients or 'Send Message to all Participants', compose your message and hit 'Send Message'. For more info, click HERE.

Thanks again and if you have any questions about Check-In, please contact support@fitli.com