Can customers see who, or how many clients are booked in a class?

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When your customers are viewing the class calendar/schedule for your business, you might be wondering if they are able to see the exact numbers of clients booked in a class. The answer = yes and no.

On the class calendar, there are several visual indicators of what's going on with a class.  In the screenshot below, you can see a normal class with available spots (1), a class that is full (2), and a cancelled class (3).

You'll notice that NO WHERE on the calendar does a client see the exact number of spots taken or available in a class.





However, at some point, we DO need to tell a customer if there is any availability in a class - let's say they want to signup themselves, or bring a friend, or two? How many spots are available. So, if they click on an available class on the calendar, and it isn't full, here's what they see below:


You'll notice the class shows "20 spots left", so clients know there are 20 spots available in the class. We also do NOT show the names of other class participants as a safety and privacy measure for your other clients.

Additionally, if the client is using the Fitli iOs app, and views the class, they will see how many spots are "available" left in the class (see sample screenshot below for another class).


So remember, as a business owner, you have the ability to see how many spots are taken and left in a class by looking directly on your class calendar. Clients are required to click into a class to view the specific details of a class first.

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