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The Quick Booking feature allows you to add yourself (clients) or your customers (as a business) into multiple classes into the future (depending on your sessions, package and expiration dates of course). Some of the features of Quick Booking are:

  • 1-Click add to multiple upcoming classes
  • Add to class waitlists
  • Integrates with the payment process in case you/they don't have enough sessions or a membership
  • Saves you time!

Q: How do I get into the Quick Booking process? 

A: Easy! Just book a class on the calendar, then, once you complete the booking/payment process for ONE class, your Quick Booking options are available. The Quick Booking screen only appears if the class you're booking has additional, upcoming dates and times. Take a look at the screenshot below for an explanation of the Quick Booking screen.

The process is the SAME for clients and businesses making purchases/booking for their clients.


 1 - What you're booking This section shows details on WHAT you're booking.

2 - How you're paying This section shows HOW you're paying for the class.

3 - Quick Booking This is the Quick Booking section, let's break it down!


 Quick Booking Filters!

The Quick Booking Filters at the top of the Quick Booking section allows you to choose which specific days you'd like to target for booking.



After you book a single session, you're shown a list of OTHER classes that you are available to quickly book. You can scroll down on the page to show a list of other upcoming class dates and times. These additional classes MUST be the same service, BUT can be different dates and times.  To book one of these other classes, click the "Book" button as shown in blue above. 

-If you have an available session to book this class, the class will disappear from the list and you'll be booked. Your session count will decrease by one.

-If you do not have an available session to book this class, you'll be taken to the payment/purchase screen to purchase.

-You can book up to the number of sessions you have available - if you have 5 sessions for those classes, you can book 5, etc, etc.

-You can book UP TO the expiration date of your package and/or membership. Note, that if you're on an unlimited, auto-renewing package, you can book 1 month farther into the future!  The Quick Booking screen WILL still show available sessions past when you can book, but when trying to book these, will ask you to purchase an updated package.

Waitlist Quick Booking If there is a class that is only available via waitlist, then a "Waitlist" button will show up in yellow as opposed to blue.



-If adding to the waitlist, you can be added regardless of if you have available sessions or not, it's just being added to the waitlist (no sessions removed until booked).

4 - Your Account Balance This section shows your current account balance - what classes, memberships or packages you have, and what your balance applies to. In this case, you can see the customer has sessions available to book into the current class. As you use the Quick Booking feature, you'll see this number decrease as classes are booked.

This Quick Booking feature should allow you and your clients to book quickly, more efficiently and select the classes you want without having to click into each class!


Quick Booking Q&A for Clients

 Q: I tried to Quick Book into several upcoming classes, why doesn't that option show up? 

A: Several reasons why it might not appear:

1 - You don't have any sessions left (check your account balance).

2 - Your membership or sessions expire before the session takes place (check your expiration dates).

3- The class is only a single instance of a class, and doesn't have any additional, upcoming sessions.

4 - You have some type of session balance and/or membership/package that isn't configured to allow booking into that class.

Q: I tried to Quick Book, but the system told me I have to pay - why?  I have XX sessions left! 

A: Check your account balance to see if the sessions expire BEFORE the upcoming sessions. If so, the business may have limited the sessions to expire in a certain time period.

Q: Help! I accidentally Quick Booked into several sessions I didn't want, how do I undo it? 

A: We're still working on an "un-quick book" feature!  For now, you'll have to go into each session (as shown in your calendar) and cancel or withdraw yourself.


Quick Booking Q&A for Businesses

Q: Help! I created several classes with the same service and time but on different dates. Some of them are not showing up on the Quick Booking section. How will I make everything show up?

A: The Quick Booking section is only designed to show 3 months of sessions at a time. If you're trying to quick book your clients outside of the 3-month window, other classes will not show up. The best way to book them is to go back to your calendar, select the class outside the 3-month window and book.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns, please contact us at support@fitli.com.

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