Can I remove or hide customers from my Customer List?

1 min. readlast update: 02.19.2024

We're working to add the ability to remove or delete customers from your customer list. However, there are two items to consider.

  • If the customer has NO transactions with your business, no scheduled classes, and has essentially never "done anything", we are sometimes able to remove them (maybe adding them was a mistake or a typo?). If the client has a "claimed" account (they signed up for a Fitli account, are actively logging in, etc.), then we CAN remove it. If the client has not logged in and created their account (also known as a "business managed account"), then we are NOT able to remove that account.
  • If the customer HAS transactions, such as prior packages, scheduled classes, sales records, etc, we're unable to remove or unlink them from your account. We need to maintain those records, and removing them from your customer list permanently would destroy those records (that isn't good!).

However, you can make clients you don't want to see, INACTIVE! Here's how!

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