Interested in hibernating (temporarily suspending) your Fitli business account?

2 min. readlast update: 01.25.2024

We understand sometimes things don't work out, business needs change, or timing isn't quite right for getting up and running with booking and scheduling software. That's why we're offering the ability to hibernate or suspend your Fitli account for $10 a month.

For a monthly fee of $10, we'll keep your business information, current customers, classes, products and account all in our systems - and even give you access to manage your account and make changes. The only things you can't do while your account is in hibernation mode is allow customers to book classes and process payments - for that, you'll need to be active.

A few things will happen while your account is temporarily suspended:

1 - Your business' public calendar will be turned off automatically.

2 - Your business' services and packages will be automatically set to "Bookable by Business Only" and "Business Use Only".

3 - Your clients' auto-renewing memberships will be automatically cancelled.

Note: If you intend to temporarily suspend your account for a few months, you can set up the "Next Charge Date" of your clients auto-renewing packages on the "Account Balances" Report section to something far out and update it once you're ready to make your business active again. Here's a helpful guide. Alternatively, chat with us or send us an email so we can do these for you.

When you're ready, just let us know and we can reactivate your account and get you up and running again!

So, if you just aren't ready yet, but want to keep your information available for later, contact us at and we can get your account changed over to hibernation for $10 a month.

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