Set Client Renewal or Charge Date

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Setting your clients' automatic renewing packages' next charge/renewal date is simple! Here's how.

Step 1: Locate the client first. Head to your Customer List, and search for, or click on the name/view link to enter the client's profile. Then, scroll to the bottom and locate the section titled "Auto-Renewing Plans". Find the section called "Next Charge". This is the date that their membership will automatically renew.


Step 2: Choose a new Charge/Renewal Date Click on the date, then a window will pop-up allowing you to choose a new date. In the top section, "Applies To" describes the services the membership applies to, and the charge date is shown below.

Click in the "Next Charge Date" field to set a new charge date.  Use the "date picker" shown below to choose a new charge date.


Then, click the SAVE button to set the new charge date. The new charge date is shown below.


Typically, when choosing a new charge date, you'll be setting the date several days or weeks in advance, or setting the date to the first of the month, 15th, etc. However, you CAN set the date to a day or two later, OR set the date to several months/years out.  Here are some things to note.

When setting the new charge/renewal date, the client does NOT get any type of email notification about the change. You set it, and it's done.  If you need to communicate the change to the client, please do so.

You can set the renewal date to TODAY (the same day when you're editing the new charge date), but the renewal will actually process the next day.  Same with setting the renewal date to the following day - there's no difference.

*Set charge date to TODAY - will charge TOMORROW

*Set charge date to TOMORROW - will charge TOMORROW

*Set charge date to XX - will charge client at 4AM CST on XX date

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