How can a client donate or pay a miscellaneous amount to my business?

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Donating to a charitable cause can be deeply rewarding, and it can help support your business and others during these challenging times!

You have THREE options to allow your clients to donate/purchase with variable amounts. Please follow the guide below to determine which option is best for you, and how to set it up.

Option 1: Allow CLIENTS to decide how much they want to pay.

In this option, you can create packages/memberships/retail products with "variable" amounts that clients can decide how much THEY want to pay. These variable amount packages/memberships/retail products will allow the client to pick a price and pay via credit card/debit card. This is the most flexible option if you'd like to add the ability for clients to decide what to pay.

To start, create either a NEW package/membership and/or retail product. Turn on the "Enable Donation' option to allow the CLIENT to pick a price they'd like to pay.


Or, for retail products, create a new retail product and choose the "Enable Donation" option to allow the CLIENT to pick a price they'd like to pay.


Then, on the client purchase screen, the CLIENT will be able to choose the amount they'd like to pay - but keep in mind this can be as little as they want, to as much as they want. Right now, you can't choose a price/dollar amount range.


Again, this option is the most flexible if you'd like to allow your clients to determine the purchase/donation amount for what they'd like to pay.

 Option 2: YOU charge the client a variable amount.

If your clients would like to donate, you can charge them a variable amount by using the "Miscellaneous Charge" feature. Note: This will only work when you initiate it by charging your client.

To do this, go to your Customers list, search for your client, then hit the "Purchase" button. Scroll down to "Miscellaneous Charge", enter a title, description, and the donation amount then hit "Purchase". Complete the purchase flow to charge your customer for the donation. Screenshots below:





 Option 3: You predefine/create different 'donation amounts' and allow clients to pick from them.

To offer your clients access for payments to donate, you'd need to set a price and add a retail product for it. To do this, go to your "Business Profile" under "Business Information", then click "Retail" under "Business Types" and "Specialties" then hit SAVE.


When done, go to "Retail Products" under "Products & Services" then hit "+Add Retail Product" on the right. Add a title (Eg. Donation), select "Retail" under "Category", add the donation price and a description, then click SAVE. You can add as many as you want with different donation prices. 






The added "Donation" retail products will appear under "Retail Products". If your customers try to make a purchase on their end, they can see it under "Retail Products" and they can choose which one they want and click "Purchase" and complete the purchase flow. 

Here's how it will look like on your customer's end.



 Commonly asked questions:

Q: Can I make donations taxable? 

A: The answer is YES. You first need to enable "Sales Tax" under "Products & Services", then go to your donations retail products and turn on the "Sales Tax" slider then hit SAVE. If you're using the variable charging feature, on the "Make Purchase" screen, make sure to click the taxable slider before clicking purchase.

Q: Can I add donation-based videos? 

A: The answer is YES. You can add the link to the video under "Description" when adding the retail product or just send the link to your client once they've paid. 

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