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How to Import data from other services, such as Mindbody, Zen Planner, etc.

If you're transferring your existing customer lists from another software service, such as MindBody, Zen Planner, etc, simply send us the exported file and we can help you do the rest! All we need is an Excel file, spreadsheet, PDF, text file, or .csv file, we can handle almost anything.

Customer List

To export your existing customer lists from MindBody, follow these directions:

Step 1: Head to the 'Reports' section of your Mindbody Account


Scroll down until you reach the 'Mailing List' section.

Step 2: Click on the 'Mailing List' option


Step 3: Click 'Generate' to get a list of your clients, showing first name, last name, phone number, and email address.


 Copy the list and paste it into an application such as Excel, Google Sheets, etc, OR, select the .XLS format as shown above. Then, you can email it to us here at support@fitli.com

'Visits Remaining' List

The second part of the process in transferring over your Mindbody customer list is how many 'sessions' your clients have remaining. This report, depending on the membership level you have with Mindbody, may be locked behind a paywall - requiring you to upgrade your account before you can obtain this information.

The report you are looking for is the 'Visits Remaining' list, which is under the 'Clients' section of the Mindbody reports. If you have access to this list, export/generate the list and send it to us here at support@fitli.com


Then, scroll down to find the 'Visits Remaining' report. Choose the date range you're looking for, then select the 'Export to Excel' button to generate the report. This report will list your current clients, their remaining sessions/account balances and their expiration dates. Just what we need to import your customers' balances into Fitli!


To import/export data from Zen Planner, click HERE.

Then, just email support@fitli.com your exported customer list, and we'll get you set up! No extra fees!