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How to Import Users from Zen Planner?

If you're transferring your existing customer lists from another software service, such as Zen Planner, simply send us the exported file and we can help you do the rest! All we need is an Excel file, spreadsheet, PDF, text file, or .csv file, we can handle almost anything.

To export your existing customer lists from Zen Planner, you need to run the "People Report". To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Login and go to your Zen Planner Dashboard. Click Dashboard at the top.
  2. Go to Saved ReportsĀ on the left column and then under that hit Members.
  3. SelectĀ New ReportĀ under MembersĀ and then hit People.
  4. Go to Report SettingsĀ on the right, select Edit Report Settings.Ā 
  5. Please tick/select the following under Column:Ā First Name, Last Name, Gender, Birth Date, Address, Email, Phone, Status, and Signup Date. These would appear on your exported file.
  6. When done, delete all inactive athletes and then hit Refresh Report.
  7. At the top of the report, hit CSV at the right of the text Export.
  8. When the Save As dialog box pops up, change the file name to PersonExport.csvĀ or to your desired one then select the file format and then hit Save.

Since you've deleted the inactive athletes on Step 6, the exported report will only include active members/customers and coaches. You may delete unwanted data and then Save.

There you have it! Just send us your exported customer list at support@fitli.com, and we'll get you setup! No extra fees!

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