Is there a way to print my Business' schedule?

2 min. readlast update: 01.25.2024

Are you looking to print your Business' classes' schedule so you can post it anywhere? Yes, you can! Here's how.

Step 1: Find your Business Calendar Link

First, you'll need to locate your business calendar link. After logging in to, head to the "Admin" section, and click on "Business Setup & Customization" then "Business Tools" on the left. Look for the section titled "Book Link". Click the "copy" icon beside it to copy the link to your clipboard. 


Step 2: Change your current view by selecting either, "Day", "Month" or "List" in the upper right corner. The default view is set to "Weekly".


In this example, I selected the "Month" view.


Step 3: Press Ctrl + P on your keyboard or right-click on the Calendar and choose "Print". You'll be directed to Print Settings. 

Select the following from the dropdowns/pulldowns:

Destination - Save As PDF

Pages - All

Layout/Orientation- Either Landscape or Portrait

Paper Size - A3

Pages - Either 1 or 2

In this example, I chose "Landscape" under Layout/Orientation and "1" under Pages dropdowns/pulldowns.


Step 4: Click SAVE then on the Save As dialogue box enter your desired File Name and click any folders on the left where you want your file to be saved.


Step 5: Locate your saved/downloaded file and then print directly from your desktop/laptop.

That's about it! Any questions - contact us here at or connect via chat on the Fitli site.

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