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"Deep Links" to the Package and Membership Purchase Process

You want to get specific links for packages to post it on your website and/or your social media accounts, it's easy! Here's how...

Step 1: Go to Admin on the top menu

Step 2: Click Business Setup & Customization on the left

Step 3: Click 'Business Tools'

Step 4: Scroll down until you see the 'All Memberships' pulldown.


Step 5: Select the package/membership.Β 



Now that you have the deep link for the specific package, just paste it into wherever you need it - Facebook, Twitter, your business website, email, etc. Customers clicking the link will head right into the purchase process.Β 


After that, they'll need to login to their account in case they're not logged in yet, the next step will take them right back into the purchase flow - we've got you covered!

Any questions - contact us here at support@fitli.com 

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