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Can I customize the notifications to my customers for booking or scheduling classes?

Now that you've got clients and customers, you probably want to know what types of messages they are receiving when booking or scheduling? We've recently updated and improved all our notification messages to enhance your business name, logo and branding, and removed most of the Fitli.com branding. Here's an example of how the new notifications look and where the content in the messages comes from:

Booking / Notification Email

You can see in the example email below that your business logo will show up!


In the content of the email, you'll see we are highlighting your business name, the class or service name, the date and time. Below is where the class or appointment is held, including details from the 'Facilities' section of your business account. 


The Facilities section should allow your clients to better find you and your classes when they're at a parking area, outside facility or hard to locate!

You can also add a short Google Maps link to the facility location to allow your clients to click the link on their phone and open Google Maps!

The Facility Description, while used by some businesses, is optional and lets you provide some more specific instructions on how to find where they're going. 

We're hoping you like the branding and highlighting of your business. If you have feedback or comments, please let us know atΒ support@fitli.com

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