Electronic Waivers

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Electronic Waivers:

You can choose to require your customers to accept the terms of your business waivers during registration or prior to booking and/or purchasing. In your "Admin" settings, click "Business Setup & Customization" at the left. Then, click "Customer Onboarding" to open "Waiver Configuration". 

Choose it, then either:

  • Turn "on" or "off" the requirement for waivers, and/or
  • Turn "on" or "off" the requirement for the waiver link to be physically clicked on, requiring customers to click on the "Read Waiver" link, where they cannot accept the waiver unless they've clicked on the link. Just another step you can use to ensure compliance that your users are at least clicking the waiver link.

Once you decide on how you want to display your waiver to customers, you have TWO options on how to configure it.

One: You can edit/display your waiver within the Fitli application.

Choose the "Present Waiver Within Application" to display the waiver online within the Fitli app. You'll get an option to edit and copy/paste your waiver into the box shown below. This waiver box works like a standard text editor - you can resize the text, color it, add links, etc. Click SAVE to save your waiver and have it displayed to customers during the purchase process. Screenshots below.


You can click the PREVIEW button to show how would the waiver look like on your customers' end.


When it's good to go, click CLOSE and SAVE.




 A message at the top will confirm that you've successfully updated your waiver.


 Two: You can link externally to your waiver.

If you already have your waiver online, once you signup with one of the cloud-based services, you'll look for an option to obtain a "Shareable Link". It's that link you want to paste into the box below - giving your clients access to view the document from anywhere online. Screenshot below.


During the registration process, your clients will be prompted to accept the waiver. If they don't accept it, registration will be unsuccessful.


If you have configured the waiver on a later date, your old clients will be prompted to accept the waiver before confirming their first booking and/or purchase after you've configured the waiver, with a link to view the waiver in another browser window. OR within the Fitli app as a popup and will have to agree to continue with the purchase (see below) after clicking the waiver link.


Additionally, you can check the status of your customer's waiver choices in their profile, and either turn it on manually (if the customer has reviewed the waiver in person with you previously), turn it off, or view the date they accepted and/or clicked the waiver (see below). It's that easy!

Note: Prior to turning on this feature, you may want to contact your customers and let them know there is a "waiver requirement" coming.


Note that if YOU, the business, make a purchase for your customers, you won't be prompted to accept the waiver on their behalf (we don't want you accepting the waiver on the customer's behalf). The waiver ONLY appears during the registration process or the first purchase the CUSTOMER makes if you've configured it on a later date.

That's about it! Any questions? Chat with us or send us an email to support@fitli.com

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