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For Businesses: How to contact Fitli Support

Here at Fitli, we're all about providing you with the best customer service.

If you want to revisit setup, troubleshoot a complicated issue or have a lot of questions that need to be answered, you can book a Support Call here: https://calendly.com/fitli-team

Note that we're normally fully booked. Don't worry!  We offer some of the industry's leading Customer Support (check out our 5 star ratings on Capterra!), and offer other support options including:

Live Chat - In the bottom right corner of the fitli.com site, you'll see a blue circle with a chat bubble - click and start chatting, we'll respond as soon as possible!


Email Support - Email us anytime at support@fitli.com - Our typical email response time is less than 30 minutes during the week, and frequently on weekends!

Help Desk - Includes this FAQ, and help articles on most areas/sections of the site.