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Your business has an existing waiver and you want to update it including having the ability to make your clients accept it who previously accepted your old waiver. You can reset your waiver with just a few clicks!

You will need to consider very important things:

  • Resetting your waiver will reset everything including the waiver sliders on your customers list being turned off.
  • Resetting the waiver won't save the old data who of your clients accepted the old waiver and the date when they accepted it. 

Before resetting your waiver, it would be best to export your Customers List to get a hold of the data who of your clients accepted the old waiver and when did they accept it.

To do this, go to your Customers list and click "Export to CSV".


Once you've exported your Customers list, use your favorite spreadsheet program (Excel, Sheets, Numbers, etc.) to open the downloaded .csv file. In case you don't have Excel, you can copy the data from the csv file and paste it to a Google Spreadsheet. Then, go to the columns that say "Clicked Waiver?", "Accepted Waiver?" and "Accepted Waiver Date". You'll see on these columns if the waiver is clicked and accepted together with the date.


Once done checking, save the file and go to the Waiver Configuration section of your account. Click the "Reset Waivers" button then confirm.




During the purchase process, your customers will be prompted to accept the waiver, with a link to view the waiver in another browser window, and/or within the Fitli app as a popup and will have to agree to continue with the purchase (see below) after clicking the waiver link.


Once your client accepts the waiver, you will see the slider for "Accepted Waiver" and/or "Clicked Waiver" turned on with the date when it got clicked/accepted. This appears in the client's personal profile in the "Customers" section.


Note that if YOU, the business, make a purchase for your customers, you won't be prompted to accept the waiver on their behalf. The waiver ONLY appears during the "first" purchase the CUSTOMER makes after you reset your waiver.

That's about it! Any questions - contact us here at or connect via chat on the Fitli site.

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