Can I sell retail products with Fitli? How do I set that up?

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Interested in selling retail products through Fitli? Well, you can! Get those t-shirts, water bottles and uniforms ready, here's a quick guide on how to sell retail products to your customers.

Update your Settings

First, head to the "Admin" section of your Fitli business account, and go to the "Business Information" > "Business Profile" area. 


Scroll down, click the boxes next to "Retail" at the top, and then "Retail" near the bottom to add the Retail product category to your business.


Click SAVE when completed to save your choices.

Create your First Retail Product

To create your first Retail Product, head to the "Admin" section, and choose "Products & Services". Select the "Retail Products" option, and then click "+ Add Retail Product" on the upper right. Or, edit an existing Retail Product.


Now that you're adding your first Retail Product, complete the information in the Retail Product screen, including the price, Sales Tax (if any - see the Sales Tax Help Documentation), and choose "Retail" as the product category.


Note: If you're adding "Tip" as a Retail Product and you want your customers to proactively purchase a tip for you with their desired amount, make sure to turn ON the "Enable Donation" slider and turn OFF the "Business Only?" toggle. The "Enable Donation" slider will be disabled/un-editable after the Retail Product's first purchase. Screenshots below.




Making a Purchase for a Retail Product

Now that you've created your first Retail Product, let's get to purchasing! Click a customer from your Customers List, and choose "purchase" to access the updated purchase menu.

The purchase menu separates Packages/Memberships from Retail Products, so it's easier for you and your clients to distinguish between the two!


To make a retail purchase, click the blue "Purchase" button next to the item you (or your client) would like to purchase. If you have Sales Tax enabled, then the Sales Tax amount will be calculated and added to the purchase.




Once the purchase is completed, the "Sales Report By Transaction" section will also be updated with the Retail Product purchase amount and included Sales Tax (if any). You can also search your Sales Report by Retail Product!  If you'd like to request a refund/void for a purchased Retail Product, the refund/void request process is the same as with any other purchase. Click HERE for a detailed guide.

Note: Voids are only available for businesses whose Usio Payment Status is ACTIVE. To unlock this feature, activate payment processing and enroll! 




That's about it! Any questions? Chat with us or send us an email to

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