Payroll - Reporting and Analysis

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Now we've arrived at the most important part of the Payroll system, the reporting! To access the Payroll reporting, head to the Reports section, and click "Payroll" on the left side. You'll be presented with a summary of the current month (the default view) payroll for your business.

This report is searchable/sortable by instructor, specific pay rates, or time frames, and each column is sortable ascending or descending.

In the first part of this guide, we'll cover each column of the Payroll Report, how it's calculated, and what it means. Then, in the second part, we'll review some sample Payroll Report and how we determined the payouts and calculations.


Payroll Report Overview


Your Payroll Report has several sections, starting from left to right:

Session/Date and Time - The date and time of the session/class referred to in the report.  This is clickable to the session with more information.

Session Name - The descriptive name of the session/class.

Professional - The instructor/trainer name.  This is clickable to view the trainer info and update their pay rates.

Rate - The associated pay rate being applied to the instructor.

Session Type - Class or Appointment.


Booked Quantity - How many clients are BOOKED into the class or appointment.

Booked Revenue - The TOTAL amount of revenue booked from all users in the class (both from drop-in pricing and from the package revenue).

Attended Qty - Total number of clients who have BOTH booked and are checked into the class

Attended Revenue - Revenue value from all the BOOKED and CHECKED into clients for a class or appointment

Revenue Split Booked - The total revenue from all clients who have BOOKED the class

Revenue Split Attended - The total revenue from all clients who have ATTENDED (checked-in) the class or appointment

Per Session Payout - Total payout if using the 'per session' payout in the Pay Rate

Per Attendee Payout - Total payout if using the 'per attendee' payout in the Pay Rate

Total Payout - The TOTAL amount paid out to your instructor for the classes/appointments in a given time period. This is a summary of each of the columns to the left.


Payroll Report Examples

Let's take a look at several Payroll reports, and how they change based off the specific Pay Rate assigned to the trainer.

Paid Per Session

In the example below, we've had one completed class with Karen as the instructor, with a total booked GROSS revenue amount of $20. The instructor in this case, Karen, is being paid $10 PER SESSION, regardless of how many clients are booked or attended.


Paid Per Client

In the example below, we've had one completed class with TWO clients booked into the class. We're paying Karen $10 per client BOOKED and CHECKED INTO the class.  Since there are 2 clients, she gets paid $20.  If we remove the check in feature, then Karen doesn't get paid for clients who do NOT actually attend.





Paid Per Session AND Client

In the example below, Karen, our instructor, is being paid $10 per class/session, and $5 per client who books and attends the class (checked-in).  Her total payout is $20.


Revenue Split

In the example below, the business decides to split the revenue with Karen at 50%. You'll recall the class had two clients, both paid $10 to sign up, for a total of $20. The 50% revenue split with Karen (set up in her Pay Rate) gives her a pay out of $10.


The Payroll report is COMPLETELY dependent on how you've configured your Pay Rates for either the specific instructor or for all instructors. If you're seeing numbers that do not make sense or are not appropriate, check your PAY RATE for payouts by session, attendee, or revenue split.


Service Payroll Reporting

You can see payroll reporting by specific SERVICE. This way, you can view your revenue by a specific class type, and narrow it down by date range. Use the pull-down menu to choose the specific service/class, then choose the desired date range. You can also add additional filters, such as attended vs/not attended and trainer/professional.


We hope this Payroll Guide was helpful and it makes your job easier to track, calculate, and pay your trainers and instructors! Please provide any feedback to us here at

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