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Service Description and Service Notes

What are Service Description and Service Notes?

The Service Description and Service Notes have the same function. The Service Description can be seen by your clients while only your business can see Service Notes. The Service Notes will act just like Service Description. It's populated from the services section. If you'll make any updates on the Service Notes on the session profile, it will overwrite the content from the services section for that particular session. However, selecting "Update all future instances of this recurring session" on the session profile will not update all future instances for recurring classes. If you want to update all of the Service Notes for your recurring classes, you would do this in the services section.



What's the difference between Service Notes and Session Notes?

As discussed, the Service Notes is populated from the Services section. The Session Notes is populated from the Session Profile. Both notes cannot be seen by your clients. Making changes on both fields on the session profile and selecting the option to update all future instances will not work for both.

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