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How do I update my business logo?

To add or update your business logo, login to fitli.com with your business account. Then, head to the 'Admin' section of your profile. Click on the 'Business Profile' section on the left side under 'Business Information, and scroll to the bottom. You'll either see:

  • Business Logo - Choose file button (no file chosen)
  • Business Logo - Remove Logo



Depending on if you already have a logo, or if you are changing your business logo. Click the 'Choose file' button to navigate to an image on your local computer (a JPEG, PNG, etc). Select the image, Upload then hit Save.

If you're changing your business image, first check the 'Remove Logo' box, then follow the steps above to select a new logo. If you are having issues with your logo, try converting it to a smaller file size, or saving it as a JPEG or PNG file. You can also email it to us here at support@fitli.com and we'll work on it for you!

Ideally, the image size should be a nice square - 125 X 125 pixels.  If you need help resizing the image, let us know or you can email it to us!