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How to merge your customers' profiles

We received a lot of inquiries on how to merge customers' profiles. Why is there a need to merge?

You added your customer on your Customers' list and then they ALSO decided to sign up using a different email address. Both profiles may have 'Account Balances', but your customer is not seeing the package or the drop-in session you purchased on his behalf on their managed account. Your customer would like to keep the account that they signed up for and you, the business, should merge the account so the balance of the other account will be transferred to your client's managed account or the account he signed up for. How would you do this? Here's a helpful guide.

First, go to your Customer's list and search for your customer.


If the email is editable, this means that you added the customer on your list and he didn't sign up for Fitli with that email.



 If the email is uneditable or greyed out, this means that your client manages this account. This is the email he used to sign up.



 Next, turn ON the sliders for notifications for each account then hit SAVE.  This will DISABLE any email updates to the client, so they don't get notified you're making changes to their account.

Create a 100% Promotion Code

You need to create a 100% promotion that you can use to purchase the package that's similar to the drop-in credit. Make sure the title is unique and do not display your promotion (Very Important!) Here's a helpful guide.

Check your added customer's Account Balance

Go to the profile of the customer you added then check the 'Account Balance'. In the example below, the balance that needs to be transferred to the other account is 'Drop-in Credit' that applies to 'Boot Camp' that will expire on 5/28/2021. Screenshot below:


Purchase the package similar to the Account Balance

Go to your client's managed account/profile then purchase the package similar to the Account Balance of the customer you added.  Since the drop-in credit applies to Boot Camp, we will purchase the 10 Pack Boot Camp package. 

Edit the Account Balance of your client's managed account

Update the 'Applies To', 'Remaining Sessions Qty', and 'Expiration Date' columns. Make sure that everything is the same as the account balance of your added customer.


 The Drop-in Credit has 1 session which applies to Boot Camp with an expiration date of 5/28/2021.

Basically, you need to click on the services link under the 'Applies To' column, remove/unclick the service from the pulldown that is different from the other account's balance, then hit save. On the 'Remaining Sessions Qty' column, click the number of sessions and use the arrow down button to change it to 1. Hit save. On the 'Expiration Date' column, hit the date then change it to 5/28/2021 then hit save. Here's a guide on how you can adjust sessions and expiration date.

Here's the updated Account Balance of your client's managed account.


 Turn OFF the notifications slider of your client's managed account.


 Go back to the promotion you created

Deactivate the promotion you created after use. Click 'yes' under the 'Active' column or open your promotion, turn ON the active slider then hit save. Very Important! 

Go back to your added customer's profile

Since you already added the balance of your added customer to his managed account, you need to expire the drop-in credit immediately, change his email address, then deactivate the customer. 

To do this, click the date below the 'Expiration Date' column then select expire immediately then hit save. Alternatively, you can click the number under 'Remaining Sessions Qty', change it to 0 then hit save.


 Then, change your client's email into a placeholder email. The original email for this account is jeffp78212@hotmail.com, I changed it to jeffp78212.hotmail@fitli.com.  When done, turn OFF the active slider then hit save.

Here's the format of the placeholder email: firstpartoftheemail.domain@fitli.com


 There you have it! Merging your client's account is easy! If you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions, please contact us at support@fitli.com