Session Adjustments and Expiration Dates

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Here's how to edit/change session quantities and edit/change expiration dates.

To get started, visit the Account Page for a client you're interested in updating or changing. 


Click you client's name or the "view" link to open his profile. At the bottom, you'll see at least one entry for a client's sessions, package or membership. Click the "Sessions Remaining" to edit the session quantity, or the "Expiration Date" to edit their expiration date. 


How To Change the Number of Sessions?

First, scroll down, find the row for the sessions/package you wish to edit. Click on the number of sessions. A popup will appear with the following options:

  • Up Arrow (Add to sessions)
  • Down Arrow (Remove sessions)

Use the arrows to set the number of sessions you wish the client to have, then click Save at the bottom. Their account will now be updated!





How to Edit Expiration Dates?

First, find the row with the expiration date of the sessions you wish to adjust. Click the expiration date, and the following popup will appear. Click the date area to show a "date picker", where you can choose a date in the future for the sessions to expire. Click the Save button to save this expiration date to their account.






You can also expire your clients' balances immediately.



If you're looking to do something a bit different with the session adjustment/expiration tool, here's some quick tips: 

Q: Can I edit the expiration date of an "UNLIMITED" package? 

A: Yes, you can! Click the expiration date and edit it as shown above.  

Q: Uh oh, I "expired" a group of sessions and now I can't find it! 

A: Don't forget, above the Account Balance section, you can click "Show Expired Balances". This will let you see, edit and update any expired sessions or packages.  

Q: How do I quickly "expire" a group of sessions? 

A: Two options - either set the expiration date to tomorrow, or set the number of sessions to "zero". That immediately makes the sessions expired.

Q: Can I split a group of sessions into several expired and several unexpired? 

A: Not at this time, but you can increase or decrease the number to fit the sessions you need.

Q: Oops, I screwed up and now I need to "undo" it! 

A: There is no "undo", but you can always go back into the client's sessions and add or remove sessions, or change the expiration date if you made a mistake.

Q: Can I add packages or other services from here? 

A: Not at this time.

Q: Now my Sales Report doesn't match the Session balance for my client, how do I reconcile that? 

A: This is a powerful tool that lets you quickly make adjustments that might not be in line with your Sales Report. Exercise caution - you're responsible for adjustments to your client's sessions.

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