Why can't I book a specific time slot for a client's appointment with a trainer?

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So you're trying to book an appointment for a customer with a specific trainer, and you aren't able to find the correct time slot you're looking for? Maybe that time slot isn't showing up or it's not appearing in the list of available times? In the screenshot below, I've shown how this will appear - I've selected the trainer, the service, the client, and the day. But, the time slot I'm looking for, 10-11am, isn't showing up.  WHY?

Reason: The trainer does NOT have that time slot listed in their availability.




Check that the user has that time spot listed in their "availability" and add that time slot.

A business user who has access to employee/user accounts, typically the business owner, will need to make these changes.

First, log in to Fitli. Then, head to "Admin" then the "Users" section under "Business Setup & Customization". From there, locate the employee/user account that needs to be updated or checked. In this case, I'll click on the "Edit" link next to Coach Hana's name.


Scrolling down, you'll see where the trainer's "available hours" are listed for appointments. Note specifically that Monday from 10-11am is NOT listed in his available hours. So, if you try and book an appointment during that time, the system will NOT show that time slot.


To add the new time slot, choose from the "Day" pulldown menu, and choose the new day/time. In this case, we're going to add Monday from 10am-11am, then click SAVE at the bottom. (Note: you can also accomplish this same result by removing the first and third Monday options, and replacing it with a broader time range, say 8am-12pm. Or, you can be as specific as you'd like.


Now, when you head back to the calendar, and book that same appointment with Coach Hana, the new time slots, from 10am to 11am now appear in the list of available times!


Thanks for reading, and if you have other questions, contact us at support@fitli.com

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