How can I cancel an auto-renewing membership?

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Do you have a client who is on an auto-renewing membership, and for some reason, you need to "cancel" their auto-renewing membership? Well, we make it easy, here's how!

Step 1: Identify the Customer.

First, head to the "Customers" section. Search for the customer then click on their name or the "View" link next to their name to visit their profile.



Step 2: Locate the auto-renewing package you wish to cancel.

Scroll to the bottom of the client's Account Profile where you'll see the details of all their auto-renewing packages. In the screenshot below, you can see the client has an auto-renewing package with a "Next Charge" date.



Step 3: Click the 'cancel auto-renew' link.

To cancel the auto-renewing package, simply click the "Cancel Auto-Renew" link next to the package name. You'll get a popup telling you that the expiration date will be set to the next charge date. This is just telling you that their membership will now expire when it was going to renew. They're canceled!





Step 4: Confirm the cancellation.

Now that you've canceled their auto-renew, you can verify by viewing the bottom area of their Account Profile again under the "Auto Renewing Plans" section. You'll see the plan still listed under the "Auto-Renewing Plans" section, but there is no cancel button. Also, you'll see who canceled the membership and on what date.


Note: Clients also receive an email message notifying them of the cancellation.

That's it! You've canceled your client's auto-renewing plan, and their membership is automatically set to expire!

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