Relationships - Getting Started Guide (Step 3 - Creating Relationships)

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The first step in creating a relationship is to first head to your Customers List. Pick the client/customer you'd like to create a relationship for. Click "View" or click on their name to head into their Account Profile.


Scroll to the bottom, and click on the "+Add Relationship" link. This takes you into adding a relationship to the client.


Complete the "Add Relationship" account profile then hit save twice - it's very similar to what you see when you create or view a new client's account page. First name, Last name, Gender, Address, that's all the same.  

The relationship pulldown menu lets you choose what type of relationship you're creating; friend, family, child, spouse, etc. 

There are a couple of things that you CANNOT change, however, including:

Mobile phone number: Since the client is the one sharing the purchased package, any questions, etc., can be referred back to the client. If you need to enter a different phone number, you can use the 'Notes' field at the bottom.

Email: Since the client is the one using their shared package for the purchase, all emails relating to the booking, scheduling, etc., go back to the client.


Once you're done completing the clients' relationship information, click "Save" at the bottom to return to the Customer List.

You'll now see the new relationship is listed UNDER the client account, with a slight indentation. You'll also notice that the "Purchase" button is grayed out since you can't purchase memberships/packages for a relationship, ONLY for the client (and then share them).


From here, you can create multiple relationships for a single client! Each relationship will be listed under the client account. If you need to search for a relationship account, you can search by either the client or the relationship.

You can't create multiple levels of relationships (such as a parent, child, and their children). Each would have to be added as a relationship to the main client account.

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