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Relationships - Getting Started Guide (Step 4 - Purchase Shared Packages for Clients and their Relationships)

STEP 4 - Purchase a Shared Package for your Clients/Relationships

Now that you've got your client and their new relationship, you might want to purchase a shareable package for your client to share with their relationship (or book using their existing relationship - see Step 5.)

To purchase a new package for a client, follow the same steps you currently use to purchase a package/membership for clients.

Head to the Customer List, choose the client you'd like to make a purchase for, and click the 'Purchase' link:

When choosing a package to purchase for your client AND their relationship, make sure you're choosing a package that is shareable. Shareable packages will allow you to book BOTH the client and their relationship into the class using the same package/sessions.


Once you complete the purchase as normal, you'll see the client now has an indicator on both their account page and their account detail page showing that the package is active and shareable! You'll notice a small 'shareable' icon notating the package is shareable.

Purchase Confirmation Screen


Account Balance Page


Session Balance Screen


You can NOT purchase shared packages solely for relationships - they must be purchased by the client/parent account.

Continue to Step 5 (Book your Client or Relationships into Classes or Appointments) ->


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