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Relationships - Getting Started Guide (Step 5 - Book your Client or their Relationships)


Now that we've got a client, their relationship added, and a shared package purchased, let's start booking!

First, we need to find the class on the calendar/schedule that we want to book. 


Click on the class, then the 'Add Participant' button. You'll be directed to your Customers List to choose a client to book. As shown in the screenshot below, clicking the 'Add to Session' next to the client's name adds the CLIENT to the class. Clicking the 'Add to Session' next to the relationship's name adds the RELATIONSHIP to the class.


 Adding the Client

Clicking the 'Add to Session' next to the client's name chooses the client to add to the class, exactly like you're used to doing when adding customers to classes. You'll see some additional details, such as the client's account balance, and a confirmation that the client is being booked.


 Adding the Relationship

Clicking the 'Add to Session' next to the relationship chooses the relationship to add to the class. If you've purchased a shared package for the client which is applicable to the class (like we did in the prior step), you'll immediately get the option to book the relationship into the class. You'll see the client's account balance in the upper right corner, showing the available balance of shared sessions, and the name of the relationship being booked in the bottom left.


 Quick Booking and Waitlists

You can also book clients and relationships using the Quick Booking feature, meaning that with a single click you can add relationships into multiple classes. After booking the first class, use the Quick Booking feature to 'Book' relationships into upcoming classes using the client's account balance.



Adding relationships to the waitlist is possible. Click HERE for a comprehensive guide.

Canceling clients and relationships

Canceling clients and relationships from sessions is the same as it currently works. When canceled, a session credit is returned to the client's shared package (if on a limited package). This happens regardless if a client or relationship is canceled.


 Client View

Clients also see a slightly different view of the booking process once they or their relationship is booked. Clients can also withdraw themselves and/or their relationships from classes (policy permitting).


If you enabled waitlist for a session and the class is full, the waitlist section will appear on your client's end allowing them to have themselves or their Relationships join the waitlist.


That's about it! Any questions? Chat with us or send us an email to support@fitli.com