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Business Guide: Waitlist for Relationships

You can book your clients' Relationships into the Waitlist, here's how...

You can set this up on the Session Profile. To do this, click the class on your calendar to open the Session Profile,  turn on the 'Enable waitlist' slider and hit save.


Once the class is full, you'll see the +ADD TO WAITLIST button on the lower left side of the Session Profile. Click it!


Click the + add to waitlist link beside your client's relationship and hit CONFIRM.



Note: A client or relationship does NOT need to have an associated package or membership to be added to the waitlist for a class. It's not a pre-booking, but more of a "Let me know when a spot opens up!" notification.

If no spots open up for the class, then the class goes on like normal, and no messages are sent, nothing needs to be done. BUT, if a spot opens up (either by you, the business cancelling a client from the class, a customer withdrawing, or you increased its capacity), then each of your client (parent account) whose relationship is on the waitlist, gets a customized notification that a spot is available. It's first come, first serve!

Once a spot in a class opens up, there are two options:

1 - Your client (parent account) can click on the class on the calendar, and 'BOOK' their relationship, or

2 - You can add your client's relationship to the class via the waitlist view by clicking 'Add to Session'

If your client (parent account) books their relationship into the class, after receiving the waitlist message, they still need to have an associated package or membership in order to actually book. This also applies to you booking a client's relationship into the class from the waitlist view. Here's how you can book your client's relationship into the class from the waitlist.

In the waitlist section, click the 'Add to Session' button next to the relationship's name. This will either allow you to book immediately if they have a package, or prompt you to make a purchase.


That's it! You're now setup for waitlist, and your clients can start being notified when a spot in the class is available! 

Click HERE to send the guide to your client on how to add their Relationships into the Waitlist.

Any questions? Chat with us or send us an email to support@fitli.com