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Client Guide: Waitlist for Relationships

You can book your Relationships to the Waitlist, here's how...

Log into your account, click 'Book Activity' at the top menu and the 'View Schedule' button of your business.


On your business' public calendar, click the class.


Then, hit JOIN WAITLIST on the right side. 


Choose your relationship you want to 'join the waitlist' on the pop-up box, click SELECT, CONFIRM and CLOSE. 




Note: If you or anyone of your relationship is grayed out, it means that they're already booked into the class or they're already waitlisted. In this case, you can only select those who are not yet booked or waitlisted. You can also add as many relationships as you want on the waitlist by repeating the steps above. You will receive an email notification confirming that your relationship is waitlisted. Your relationship do not need to have an associated package or membership to be added to the waitlist for a class. It's not a pre-booking, but more of a "Let me know when a spot opens up!" notification. 

If no spots open up for the class, then the class goes on like normal, and you will not receive any emails, nothing needs to be done. BUT, if a spot opens up, then you will get an email notification that a spot is available similar to the one below. It's first come, first serve!


Once a spot in a class opens up, go to your business' public calendar, click the class, and hit 'Book' beside your Relationship's name on the Waitlist section.


You still need to have an associated package or membership in order to actually book your Relationship into the class. If your package/membership/balance is applicable to the class, the site will just allow you to confirm your Relationship's booking. Otherwise, you'd need to purchase a drop-in or a package to confirm your Relationship's booking.


Top Questions:

Q - Who can remove my Relationship/s from the waitlist?

A - You and the business you've signed up for can do this.

Q - How can I remove my Relationship on the waitlist?

A - Go to your business' public calendar, click the class and hit 'Remove' beside your Relationship's name on the waitlist section and CONFIRM. 


Q - Is it first come, first serve?

A - Yes, if a spot opens up on the waitlist, and there are 10 people on the list, all 10 get notified when a spot is available. The first one who gets in and books gets the spot!

Q - I got an email that a spot is available, I tried to book it but I can't, what should I do?

A - Unfortunately, this means that someone already booked the available spot and there's nothing you can do. You can try booking your Relationship on another class that has available spots left.

Q - What if my Relationship is on the waitlist but I don't have a package?

A - Then you'd need to purchase an associated package in order to book your Relationship into the class once a spot opens, as opposed to just being on the waitlist.

Q- If I or my business remove my Relationship from the waitlist, will I be notified?

A- No, you won't receive any notification at this time that your Relationship has been removed from the waitlist.

That's about it! Any questions? Contact your business directly or chat with us or send us an email to support@fitli.com

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