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Booking or Reserve a Spot for Free - Pay Later

Fitli is built around requiring payment from clients during the booking and scheduling process, however, we understand that not every business works this way. Sometimes, you want to allow your clients the ability to book or reserve a spot for free, then pay later at the time of service. Well, we can support that too! Here's your guide on how to set this up.

There are THREE steps involved in setting up your business for free bookings:

Step 1 - Creating a new Checkout SERVICE so you can charge clients later at the time of service.

Step 2 - Creating a new 'FREE' booking package.

Step 3 - Creating a new 'Checkout - $$XX' package so you can charge clients later.

Follow the steps below and you and your clients will be able to book into classes or appointments for free


Step 1: Create a new "Checkout" SERVICE

Head to the Products & Services section, and create a new service called 'Checkout'. This new Checkout service will allow you to create a charging option for clients where, once they show up at the time of service, you can charge clients for what they owe.

KEY Notes:

Drop-in price set to $1.00 Duration set to 1 minute Bookable by Business Only


 Step 2: Create a new "Book For FREE - Pay Later" PACKAGE

Head to the Packages & Memberships section, and create a new package called 'Book for FREE - Pay Later'. This allows your clients who are trying to book into a class/appointment for free, the ability to book for no cost.

KEY Notes:

Price set to ZERO SERVICES pulldown - MUST include the class or appointment they are trying to book into for free. If you wish to allow clients to book multiple classes or appointments for FREE, then choose all the services you want in this pulldown. 

1 Session Expiration time = how long in 'advance' you want the customer to be able to book for free


Step 3: Create a CHECKOUT package

Head to the Packages/Memberships section, and create a new package called 'CHECKOUT - $$$', and include the dollar amount you'll be charging clients at the time of the service. This package will allow you to charge the customer a certain amount, but have them NOT receive any sessions or credits for the purchase (only charge them).

KEY Notes:

Price set to the dollar amount you wish to charge Services PULL DOWN MUST be set to the 'Checkout' service, NOT to the class/appointment service. 

1 Session 1 Day Expiration Business use set to "Yes"


 Step 4: Client Booking Process

Now, when the client goes to book into a class/appointment that typically requires payment via the app or website, they'll have an option to book for free:


 Choosing that option allows the client to book into the class for free, requiring payment at a later time. You can track these 'free' bookings by visiting your Sales Report. You'll see an entry for the free purchase:


 Now you know who you need to charge in the future!

Step 5: Client 'CHECKOUT' Process

When a client arrives for the session and you need to charge them, head to their client record in the Customer List and click on the 'Purchase' link:


Choose the associated 'CHECKOUT' package that matches the dollar amount you wish to charge the customer:


 And process the payment via the payment method - cash, check, card, or 'other'. Now you're done!


Q - Instead of creating a 'checkout' package for each price, can I choose a variable price at the time of checkout? 

A - At this time, no, you're required to create a 'checkout' package with a specific price for each dollar amount you need. Alternatively, you can use promotion/discount codes to use a set amount, then discount the checkout package to the specific dollar amount you need.

Q - How will I have the 'Free Booking' apply to more than one class or appointment service? 

A - See Step 2 above.

That's about it! Any questions? Chat with us or send us an email to support@fitli.com