How can I charge a miscellaneous fee or amount to my client?

2 min. readlast update: 05.06.2024

Miscellaneous charges can be the fees businesses charge their clients for additional services or anything that's not included in the membership they signed up for. This may include tips, donations, one-off, late fee, cancellation penalties, etc.

You may now charge your clients miscellaneous fees without needing to add any additional services, packages or products under "Products & Services." 

To do this, go to your Customers list and click the "purchase" link beside your customer's name.


On the "Make Purchase" screen, scroll down until you see "Miscellaneous Charge". 


Enter a title, description, price then hit purchase. In this example, I entered "Tip" as the name and "Tip" as the description.


Note: If you want to add sales tax to your miscellaneous charge, you'd need to activate sales tax under "Products & Services". In the example below, sales tax is not activated for the business. Hence, the taxable switch is uneditable and default to no. A small tooltip with a question mark appears on the upper right side of the slider. 


On the "Make Purchase" screen, complete the purchase to charge your customer.




Notice that there's no sales tax added since the business did not activate this feature. If sales tax is activated and the taxable switch is turned on, you'll see sales tax here, on the Sales Report and the exported Sales Report.

Tips: If you want your customers to proactively give you and your instructors tips with "fixed" amounts, you'd need to add "Tip" as retail products with different prices, then make sure it's active and the "Business Use Only" switch is turned off. If you want them to enter their desired tip amount, make sure to turn on the "Enable Donation" slider. Note that after its first purchase, the "Enable Donation" slider will be disabled. Click here to learn more.

 A "miscellaneous charge" option is only available for your business. Your customers won't see this option if they are interested in making a purchase. However, they WILL receive an email notification for a miscellaneous charge, and will see the charge for it under "Purchase History" in their account.

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