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Updating Client Balances with Specific Services

Currently, after a client makes a purchase of a package, it's difficult to edit the classes, services or appointments that are included in that specific package. We wanted to give you, the business, the ability to modify specific purchases of packages for each client. This will allow you to, for example, modify the package of one customer to add or remove a service, but not modify packages for all clients. Or, you could edit the packages for specific clients to tailor to their individual needs.

Note: These edits/adjustments are SPECIFIC to INDIVIDUAL CLIENTS, and are not global to all users.

Step 1: Head to the Customers List and choose a client.


Step 2: Scroll to the 'Account Balance' section

Scroll to the package you want to edit and click on the service/s under the 'Applies To' column. 


Step 3: Edit the Package

Click into the package and then use the pulldown menu to add or remove individual services from the customer's package. 


Once you've made your choices, click 'Save' and your client will be updated!