How to integrate Online Classes or Video Conferencing link with Fitli?

2 min. readlast update: 01.24.2024

Linking your online classes or video conferencing link is easy with Fitli! 

If you are a business who conducts classes online or wish to meet your clients via video conferencing using Zoom or other tools due to the recent pandemic or something else, you can plot the schedule on your Fitli calendar, accept bookings, process payments, and direct your students to the platform where the class will be held! Essentially, you'll be updating the class/appointment "location" to that of an online service, here's how.

First, you will need to set up or edit the facility where the class/appointment will be conducted.

Go to your business "Admin" page then click "Facilities" on the left column under "Business Setup & Customization", and "+ Add Facility" or "Edit" an existing one.


Second, fill out the details of your online facility in the form. This is where you can put the URL of your online class then hit save at the bottom of the page. You can add more facilities by repeating the same steps.

Note: The site won't allow you to enter "Zoom" as a facility as we have Zoom integration. The facility name and facility code should be unique. 


Make sure you have signed up on your preferred video conferencing tool to generate the class/session URL like Zoom. Here's is Zoom's online guide for reference:


Third, start adding classes on your Fitli Calendar and select the online facility where classes will be conducted. Once the class has been booked, the client will receive an email showing the online class URL similar to the one below.


The client can click on the URL and be directed to the online location where the class will be "held". You can also send the clients a reminder to install Zoom or your preferred online conference tool to make sure they are up and ready upon clicking the Online Class URL.

Don't forget, your client will receive an email reminder 24 hours in advance of the class as well - this email will also include the online link and class description.

We also have Zoom integration. Click here for a comprehensive guide.

There you go! Your Online Class is now updated with your Fitli account!

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