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You can do a lot of things on your Customers List. You can see and sort when clients signed up, search by a specific time period, click on the column headers to sort both ascending and descending, search by "Leads" vs "Clients", set the default customers list view (first name or last name), etc.




1 - All Types: Search and sort between leads and/or clients.

2 - Select Date Filter: This lets you search and sort your client list by a specific date range. The default is 'all'.

3 - Clickable Header Names: All the header names (Name, Email, etc) are clickable. Clicking them once sorts your list in ascending order, a second click sorts by descending order.

4 - "Name" Sorting by Last Name: Your customer list is sorted by last name - starts out as descending, and clicking the header name "name" reverse sorts the list ascending.

5 - Customer view: Set the default customer view by clicking the "Name (XX)" pencil icon above the customer names. From here you can set the default sorting view for your clients (First, Last), or (Last, First).  

 6 - Happy Birthday Indicator: If the client has a birthday within 30 days, we display the Happy Birthday cake icon - and hovering your mouse over the icon will display their birth date. This is helpful if you want to reward them on their speacial day.

7 - Date Created: This shows the date the client signed up on. Click the header name to sort your client list to show your newest clients. 

8 - Type: You can sort this column to easily see your leads/clients. 

9 - Notifications Disabled?: You can easily manage your client's notifications here. Click "no" to turn off their notifications or "yes" to turn it back.

10 - Active: You can easily deactivate/activate your clients. Click "yes" to deactivate your client and "no" to activate.

11 - Links: The "View" link allows you to view/open your customer's profile. The "Purchase" link will direct you to the purchase flow. The "History" link will allow you to view/open your customer's visit history.

12 - Show Inactive Customers: Click this to show your inactive customers then click "Hide Inactive Customers" to hide them.

13 - Export to CSV: Click this to download your customers list. You can use your favorite spreadsheet program (Excel, Sheets, Numbers, etc.) to open the downloaded .csv file, or you can copy the data and paste it to a Google Spreadsheet. You can use the filter function of your favorite spreadsheet program to filter the data you need.  

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