Is it possible to turn off email notifications for customers who are imported into the platform?

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There are two options to add customers into your customer list on Fitli. You can either add them manually or you can provide us with a customer list and we'll import it for you.

Option 1: Add your Customers Manually

To add your customers manually without sending them an invitation email to join Fitli, go to the Customers tab at the top menu. Then, click "+ Add Customer", fill out the modal, use a placeholder email similar to the one below and hit SAVE.

Note: The email address should be 39 characters or less.






When done, open your customer'r profile, turn on the notifications toggle and hit SAVE.


Then, re-open your customer's profile, update the email to the real one and hit SAVE.




If you want to turn your customer's notifications back on, open their profile, turn off the notifications toggle and hit SAVE.


Option 2: Have us Import your Customers

You can provide us a mailing list, Excel spreadsheet, .csv file, any type of file that contains the information we need to add your customers.

Here's an example of the information needed to add your customers:

First name

Last name

Email address

Mobile phone number

Send Email? yes or no ("yes", if you want your customers to receive the invitation email, otherwise, enter "no").

In the example below, the business does not want to send the invitation email.

 Joe Smith - - 555-555-1212 no


We'll notify you asap once we're done importing your customers list. If you want to turn your customers' notifications on, search for them on the "Customers" tab. Then, open their profile, turn off the notifications toggle and hit SAVE.

In addition, we can also import existing session and package information! To do this, we need some type of report, spreadsheet or records showing which clients have WHAT remaining. For example:

Joe Smith - 5 sessions of Hot Yoga - Expires 5/30/24

Depending on what previous software you were using, you may be able to obtain this data.

That's about it! Any questions? Chat with us or send us an email to  

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