How to set up booking and cancellation policies for your business?

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Have you ever had the problem where a client cancels 5 minutes prior to a class or appointment or is a no show? Or, do you want to limit how soon before a class or appointment your clients can book or cancel? Well, with Fitli, we let you define booking and cancellation policies to save you time and streamline your business operations. All of these booking and cancellation policies apply to when CLIENTS can book and/or cancel/withdraw. The business can ALWAYS book or cancel a client regardless.

Fitli allows you to set up 4 pre-set business policies:

  • Class Booking: Booking policy for group sessions/classes
  • Class Cancellation: Cancellation policy for group sessions/classes
  • Appointment Booking: Booking policy for private sessions/appointments
  • Appointment Cancellation: Cancellation policy for private sessions/appointments

By default, all these policies are disabled unless you opt to turn them on.

Configuration Overview:


You'll notice that each booking policy has a "start" and an "end", or as we call it, a booking "window". This way, you can be very specific about when your clients can/can't book and/or cancel.

To control the booking window, enter an amount of time in the "From" section, and an amount of time in the "To" section. Or, if you leave these blank, the booking option will default to unlimited booking/cancellation.


Example 1 - Let's say you wanted to limit clients to ONLY be able to cancel an appointment MORE than 24 hours before the appointment starts.

To do this, you'd set the policy as "active" and enter the window as 24 hours before the session.


This way, a client can ONLY cancel greater than 24 hours before the session starts.


Example 2 - Let's say you wanted to set the session/class booking window to only allow clients to book MORE than 24 hours in advance, but LESS than 96 hours.

To do this, you'd set the policy as "active" and enter the "FROM" window to 96 hours, and the "TO" to 24 hours.


This way, a client could ONLY book between 24 hours and 96 hours prior to the session. (Or greater than one day, and less than 4 days).


Using these methods, you can configure your business exactly how you'd like to!

Steps to configure your booking/cancellation policies:

Step 1: Log in to your Fitli business account

Step 2:  Click on "Admin" on the top menu bar.

Step 3: Click on "Business Setup & Customization" then "Policies" on the left side.

Step 4: By default, these policies are inactive. To activate a policy, just click on the checkbox under the "Active?" column.

  • You can deactivate any policy by un-checking the "Active?" checkbox for that specific policy.

To edit any booking or cancellation policy, click on the "Edit" link on the right-hand side. Then, choose the time for the policy window to be effective (days, hours or minutes).


Click SAVE at the bottom to save and update with any changes you've made.

Note that these policies NEVER impact your ability as a business to book and/or cancel clients out of classes or appointments. You can override the policies and either book or cancel a client regardless of policy. These ONLY impact if the client can book and/or cancel.

That's about it! Any questions? Chat with us or send us an email to

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