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Importing, exporting and Customer List Questions?

So you've just signed up as a new business with Fitli and need to import your customers - or you're an existing business and want to obtain your customer list - how do you do that? It's easy! We've listened to you, our customers, and are adding new options to get your own customer list anytime you'd like! Previously, we'd be happy to generate a report for you, but we know that can be time-consuming - you need to be able to obtain your own list. Now, you'll be able to!

Exporting your Customer List FROM Fitli:

Head to your 'Reports' section once logged into your business account, and click on 'Customers'. Then, based on any sorting or filters you've applied (or haven't applied), clicking the 'Export to CSV' button will download your customer list to your computer, phone, or tablet. Open in your favorite spreadsheet editor and go wild!


Importing Your Customer List To Fitli:

If you're a current customer, or just signing up, there are two ways you can get your customers into Fitli. The first is by adding them manually, but we know that it can take time if you've got a long list. We support loading/importing of your customer list - but due to the fact that we need to verify data before it's loaded, we ask that you email it to us at support@fitli.com. We typically have a 1-2 day turnaround time, after some back and forth questions over email, to load your customer list.

The format for your customer list is pretty simple: Excel or .csv file First name, last name, birthdate, etc. We support additional/extended data including address, emergency contacts, 'notes', etc!

Here's a template fileย you can use to complete your customer load - just fill it out and send it to us for updating!

Just email it to us, and we're happy to get started! Any questions, contact us atย support@fitli.com