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Class Calendar can "start" at your Business Hours

Previously, your business class calendar would 'start' at 12am, no matter what classes, schedule, or business hours you may have configured.Β 


You can set your class calendar to start later in the morning, let's say at 4am.

To set this, head to the Admin > Business Profile section. At the bottom, set your 'Business Hours'. The EARLIEST business hour you set will be where your class calendar starts.


Now, when your clients view your class calendar via a link, the embedded calendar/schedule on your website, etc, they will see the class schedule starting at the earliest time you designated in the Business Hours section.Β 


You'll see that the class schedule now STARTS at 4am, but you can still scroll up to see earlier classes, and down to see any later classes.

Make sure you don't accidentally 'hide' any earlier classes from your schedule by setting your calendar up to start after any super early classes!

Also, your clients MAY still see the earlier times than you've configured if they are viewing on a large screen (a very large monitor or a full screen device for example). In that case, their screen is so large that it doesn't make sense to show a smaller calendar when everything can display on the screen at once.

Final Note - You, as a business owner, will generally ALWAYS see the full class calendar, as you need the ability to set, add and change classes/appointments that are earlier than your business hours.

That's about it! Any questions? Chat with us or send us an email to support@fitli.com


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