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Linking directly to a Class or Appointments

You can send a link directly to a class or an appointment to your clients with just a few clicks! Here's how...

Click into any class or appointment that's already scheduled on your calendar. In the upper left corner, look for the 'copy link' icon. Click that and you'll have the specific class/appointment URL/link copied to your clipboard. Then, paste that link into an email, social media, etc, and you'll have a direct link your clients can use to book or schedule.


Your URL to copy/paste should look something like this:


Where after the 'business' is your business' name. Clicking on the link for your class/appointment should take you or your client right to that class! Don't forget, however, that the link is only good for booking and scheduling until the class starts.

Thanks and if you have any questions, please reach out atΒ support@fitli.com